Couple who lived out of a van for two years transform their home

A couple who spent two years travelling around Australia in a kombi servisi van have finally settled down after purchasing a rundown brick property and transforming it into their dream home in just three months – without any renovation experience. When you have almost any questions with regards to where along with how you can employ kombi servisi, you can email us from the web-page.   

, 28, and her husband Domenic Palumbo decided to join the ‘van life’ adventurers popularised on in 2017, running their wine company while on the road and posting incredible photos along the west and east coasts.

But after deciding to move back to their hometown of , South Australia, last year to lay down more permanent roots, the couple struggled to find a property that matched their needs.

Elise Cook and her husband Domenic Palumbo (pictured) decided to join the ‘van life’ adventurers popularised on Instagram

That is, until a friend told them about a place he owned that they could move into the very next day if they wanted to.

Without even checking out the interior, Elise and kombi Servisi Domenic bought the house in March 2018 and unknowingly signed up to 24/7 hard labour for three months when they got the keys in September.

‘We’ve never renovated anything before. In fact, we didn’t own any tools other than a screwdriver and a hammer until a year into our